With a turned thumb

Went to Graspop Metal Meeting this weekend which made sure I was in the mood for some HARSH NOISE.

Cover your eardrums and play it insanely loud 😀

One more episode after this and then it’s time for my summer break!

Original artwork: Jean-Léon Gérôme – Pollice verso detail


Be the Hammer – Lord of Cremaster [bethehammer ]
VORRS – MMMEAT [voyder ]
Flutwacht – Brandwache [Compulsive Masturbation Productions]
Onkunde – Willing And Able [Onkunde]
Scald Hymn – Untitled [scaldhymn ]
Monowolf – Chapter IV: The True Master [Black Ring Rituals]
Praying for Oblivion – 10th Incarnation Ov Lord Vishnu [Sleepless Berlin]
Painburn – Iper Noise
The Lynch Project + Melinoe – Omnism (Spit In The Face Of God) [melinoe ]
Arte Disfuncional – EER2C [Nahàsh Atrym Productions]
Xtematic – Subliminal Intelligence [Craneal Fracture Records]



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