A little who, what, where, when, how and why about the Horae Obscura radioshow!


Oneirich (aka Brambo) is the curator of the Horae Obscura radioshow… Former presenter of the Uur Obscuur radio show..


Using mostly free net label releases found on the Internet, Oneirich builds melancholic, dark and eerie sets with an occasional etheric sounding interruption.


The show is recorded in Oneirich’s studio at home and broadcast on Bruges (Belgium, Europe) fine web radio Villa Bota.

On Tuesday evenings from 2000 – 2100 (CET) with the occasional vacation in January and the summer


Mixed with an electronic DJ controller (Gemini G4V) or sequenced with a DAW (FL Studio) depends on the level of willpower on that day 🙂


After hosting the Uur Obscuur show it was time for a change. Drawn by the darker spectrum of music, Oneirich decided to start a new show called Horae Obscura (pig Latin for Uur Obscuur or the Obscure Hour).

Influenced by other art forms like literature, poetry, paintings, astrology and the occult… Oneirich plunges into the vast pool of music, the internet has to offer, and makes selections fitting the story he wants to create.

The motto Lux Ex Tenebris, or “the light from the darkness”, describes what that story is. It’s the story of embracing the darkness of the all & the nothing. The darkness of the world, nature, humanity and our selves.

That way we can hopefully come to an understanding of that darkness. That which lies hidden in all of us. So we can work with it, and build a long lasting and healthy equilibrium, between those dualistic aspects of our being.