Viva Voce

Beautiful weather asks for a bit more lighthearted music, no?

Hope you enjoy!

Original artwork: gerald moira – the silent voice


Cathode Ray Tube – The Enlightened No [Component Recordings]
Somatic Responses – Discovery [Photon Emissions]
Dark Frequencer – Mental Clouds [Petroglyph Music]
Beautytone – Sunset Tale [phq-art ]
Sk’p – Unmute 2.2 [skiponline ]
b cycle – inside outside [-NOT ON LABEL- §§§]
Sistal – Look Through [New York Haunted]
Aphotic Apathy – Awaken [aphoticapathy ]
Witch Eyes – Her Approach [Crime League]
Heinali – On the Sublime [bitrotrecords ]
A Bleeding Star – Winterstaves – Defects (II) Flames [ableedingstar ]
Snowbeasts – Outsiders [Crime League]
Grimbergen – Negative Tension [grimbergen ]



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