This week’s episode is gritty and dark yet it soothed my soul :p

Hope you enjoy, if you do please share/comment/favorite.

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Original artwork: Jan de Baen – The Bodies of the De Wit


Mytrip – Ascend [mahorka ]
Front Sonore – Bruit d’une Nuit d’Automne [Cyanur Prod]
Solar Skeletons – Limbus Sublim – Ira [Artskorps]
CrepusculaR – Implosion [Chase Records]
DE·TA·US·TO·AS – A prayer of beaks and fangs [detaustoas ]
Gopota – Meaningless [Empty Chalice]
Vile Flesh – Ex Or Cism [synth-me-label ]
Cent Ans De Solitude – Rien, ni personne [Nostalgie de la Boue]
Babalith – First Icaru [Merchants of Air]
Kanopic Descent – Nevertheless [dimentia ]



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