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Sweeter after difficulties

01. TEXTBEAK – THVLVSSOMV ft Jason Adams & JJ Flux [-NOT ON LABEL- §§§] :: Download02. Aynth – endlosschleifen [Her Blood in My Veins] :: Download03. MAHR – Shadows to Whispers [-NOT ON LABEL- §§§] :: Download04. SEIROM – The Black Earth Spread White With Rye [gnawtheirtongues ] :: Download05. 2Ǿ9 §‡И§ – BɇYǾИD †HɆ BⱠΔCⓀ ℞▲ⅈNBǾW [Night Terror Recordings]… Read more →

Dark ambient with Akoustik Timbre Frekuency from Sombre Soniks

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency from Sombre Soniks label made a selection from the label’s catalogue for us. The label has a wide variety of dark and ritualistic ambient to offer. I think you will definitely enjoy these sounds. For more info about the label or ATF check the links below:http://www.sombresoniks.com/sombre-sonikshttps://sombresoniks.bandcamp.com/http://www.sombresoniks.com/atfhttps://www.facebook.com/Akoustik-Timbre-Frekuency-1437357753225049/ 00:00    Akoustik Timbre Frekuency – Preliminary Konsekration (Ritualistik Kuttings)08:56    Nox210 –… Read more →

Anima track on the latest Sombre Soniks compilation

And another release this month, every equinox Sombre Soniks releases a new compilation. On this 12th edition I got featured with the track “Anima”. The compilation contains several great tracks by artists like Mary Nymphection, Front Sonore, Backyard Ghost, Druhá Smrt, Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, SIJ, Misantronics and many more! https://sombresoniks.bandcamp.com/album/dark-ambient-vol-12 Read more →

The sensation of orgasm as likened to death

“La Petite Mort”  is an expression which means “the brief loss or weakening of consciousness” and in modern usage refers specifically to “the sensation of orgasm as likened to death”. Those Frenchies sure have a morbid view on seks. But here we have a morbid view on music too. Some great dark ambient tunes in this weeks episode, think you’ll… Read more →