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Viva Voce

Beautiful weather asks for a bit more lighthearted music, no? Hope you enjoy! Original artwork: gerald moira – the silent voice   Cathode Ray Tube – The Enlightened No [Component Recordings]Somatic Responses – Discovery [Photon Emissions]Dark Frequencer – Mental Clouds [Petroglyph Music]Beautytone – Sunset Tale [phq-art ]Sk’p – Unmute 2.2 [skiponline ]b cycle – inside outside [-NOT ON LABEL- §§§]Sistal… Read more →

Download/Buy the darkness

01. DeepDark – Deep Dark [Petroglyph Music] :: Download02. Alexander Kopeikin – 23 Kopeks [clcx ] :: Download03. Gas Masked Lestat – Noontime Lunch 04. Aderlating – Per Luiferum Dominum Nostrum [gnawtheirtongues ] :: Download05. MAHR – Ten of Swords (MARA5 remix) 06. RIPIT – 23 Steps (Second Floor) [soliskanones ] :: Download07. Wilt – For Blake [Ad Noiseam] ::… Read more →

Sinning daily, and not repenting, the fear of death disturbs me.

Sinning daily, and not repenting, the fear of death disturbs me. For there is no redemption in Hell, have mercy on me, o God, and save me. Original artwork: Jacopo Ligozzi – Allegory of avarice   DeepDark – Deep Dark [Petroglyph Music]Alexander Kopeikin – 23 Kopeks [clcx ]Gas Masked Lestat – Noontime Lunch Aderlating – Per Luiferum Dominum Nostrum [gnawtheirtongues… Read more →

Dark, hard and grim tunes

Dark, hard and grim tunes… Hope you enjoy, or don’t 🙂 Original artwork: Léon Comerre – Le Déluge   Ravcan & RMSS Systems Inc. – Old Doomsday Devices [Dark System]AXIS † NOIR † MORTOX – Corpse Of Identity [axisnoirmortox ]Marc Hurtado & Vomir – Saturne [Nostalgie de la Boue]Solar Skeletons – Avarus Et Prodicus [soliskanones ]Third I – Bezimena [1000harshnoisewall… Read more →

DEEDS… Not words

DEEDS… Not words Original artwork: –   Winjer3 – Beneath a Crushing Sky [Petroglyph Music]¬[d] – Axon [notd ]Solypsis – Fatal Error [Component Recordings]Ravcan – Counterclockwise Direction [ravcan ]Pleq – Chamber [Cowshed Records]Mathlovsky – In Ghosts [mathlovsky ]Anklebiter – Rando [Crime League]Beautytone – Sunset Tale [phq-art ]VORRS – BLACK SUN [Bedroom Research]Cathode Ray Tube – Dirty Little Dub [Component Recordings]Nick… Read more →

Between hope and fear

Between hope and fear… One hour of dark, dark, dark ambient. Listen in darkness with candlelight and a dosage of poison of your liking. If you enjoyed this (then there’s something wrong with you according to some lol) please share/favorite/comment, thanks you! Original artwork: Ambroise Frédeau – The Blessed Guillaume de Toulouse   Bête Lumineuse – Possession Hypnotique [betelumineuse ]Black… Read more →

Mors Omnibus!

I was immensly pissed off when I recorded this… Hence the title… Ambient, electronica and some rough hardcore for your ears :p Hope you enjoy and if you do please share/comment/favorite. Thank you! Sincere, a now less pissed off Oneirich Original artwork: Joakim Skovgaard – Christ in the Realm of the Dead (Detail)   Alien Vegan Sect – Soliloque [Nostalgie… Read more →

Equo Ne Credite

Damn I’m still exhausted from Maschinenfest! Had a blast! So yeah some laid back music this week, dark ambient and drones. Hope you enjoy! I’ll go back to my couch now 😀 This weekOriginal artwork: Théophile Schuler – The Chariot of Death Bram – The Room [Hortus Conclusus Records]Araphel – Maveth II [araphel ]Natal Mors – Trench Warfare [Morphic Field… Read more →