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Sweeter after difficulties

01. TEXTBEAK – THVLVSSOMV ft Jason Adams & JJ Flux [-NOT ON LABEL- §§§] :: Download02. Aynth – endlosschleifen [Her Blood in My Veins] :: Download03. MAHR – Shadows to Whispers [-NOT ON LABEL- §§§] :: Download04. SEIROM – The Black Earth Spread White With Rye [gnawtheirtongues ] :: Download05. 2Ǿ9 §‡И§ – BɇYǾИD †HɆ BⱠΔCⓀ ℞▲ⅈNBǾW [Night Terror Recordings]… Read more →

Equo Ne Credite

Damn I’m still exhausted from Maschinenfest! Had a blast! So yeah some laid back music this week, dark ambient and drones. Hope you enjoy! I’ll go back to my couch now 😀 This weekOriginal artwork: Théophile Schuler – The Chariot of Death Bram – The Room [Hortus Conclusus Records]Araphel – Maveth II [araphel ]Natal Mors – Trench Warfare [Morphic Field… Read more →