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U X O R Original artwork: La Parque – Auguste Leveque   Uzbazur345 – Erotik Dreams [Midnight Radio Compilation]Tapage – Sander [CRL Studios]Ralp – Synthetic [Abstrakt Reflections ]Balkansky – Gravity [Abstrakt Reflections ]The Rain Kills Quietly – Pale [therainkillsquietly ]Les Neiges Noires De Laponie – A Secret [archive org]Opine Ko$insky – Nutrition for the Masses (C Mantle Rmx) [Acre Recordings]Mon… Read more →

Horae Obscura Additicius IX

Death industrial or power electronics or whatever. Dark noisy stuff with screaming agony that’s what I serve in this one. Hope you enjoy. Trepaneringsritualen – The Seventh Man [Cold Spring]Code Neda – Death of a Poet [Midnight Radio Compilation]Auditor – Flea on a dead dog [The Auditor]Control – Silence Creates It’s Own Violence [Ant-Zen]In Slaughter Natives – Filth Still Among… Read more →

Well-being through harmony

Well-being through harmony… Original artwork: Circe by Wright Barker   Heidy Youko & Escaped Trees – Final Crack [Midnight Radio Compilation]DiZE7 – alias glass [Field Effect Records]Rave Angst – Constraints 3 [Photon Emissions]Akwalek – Vuur Aan Mijn Been, Ijs In Mijn Hart [Abstrakt Reflections (Bandcamp) §§§]Chris Russell – Anake [earthMANTRA]Monster X – Prison Earth [Abstrakt Reflections (Bandcamp) §§§]Beautytone – 66,56°… Read more →

To the light

Soothing IDM for your ears this week! Hope you enjoy Original artwork: Ernest Charles Wallcousins – The Mystic Exodus from Egypt   Ekaros – Vibrio Comma [Black Hoe]Snap-9A – IAN [Digital Garden Recordings]Alpturer – Keneda [Auto-Nine Recordings]Ralp – 0 [Abstrakt Reflections ]The Rain Kills Quietly – Another way to die [therainkillsquietly ]KRYTIKA – zet [Krytika]Datolar – Spacejunx [Abstrakt Reflections ]Ynoji… Read more →

Between hope and fear

Between hope and fear… One hour of dark, dark, dark ambient. Listen in darkness with candlelight and a dosage of poison of your liking. If you enjoyed this (then there’s something wrong with you according to some lol) please share/favorite/comment, thanks you! Original artwork: Ambroise Frédeau – The Blessed Guillaume de Toulouse   Bête Lumineuse – Possession Hypnotique [betelumineuse ]Black… Read more →

Equo Ne Credite

Damn I’m still exhausted from Maschinenfest! Had a blast! So yeah some laid back music this week, dark ambient and drones. Hope you enjoy! I’ll go back to my couch now 😀 This weekOriginal artwork: Théophile Schuler – The Chariot of Death Bram – The Room [Hortus Conclusus Records]Araphel – Maveth II [araphel ]Natal Mors – Trench Warfare [Morphic Field… Read more →