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This is the place where death delights in helping life

Breakcore, glitch, electronica, whatever! Dark shit! Hope you like. As always please share/comment/favourite if you like, always appreciated! Original artwork: Zdzislaw Beksinski   Celluloïd Mata – Zily Lip-eze [Ant-Zen]Lifecutter – Hypoxia [lifecutter ]Binray – Namebrand Gun [Entity]NoizyAzFuck – Erase [Marionette Records]Renoizer – Elements [Abstrakt Reflections ]Cathode Ray Tube – Unusual Symmetry(Solypsis Remix) [Component Recordings]Mutellat – Vale Of Tears [Section 27]MTCH… Read more →

Drop down ye heavens

Drop down ye heavens, i had named this one and see… it’s pouring! Should’ve called it let it be sunny lol Enough bullshit, got some breakcore for your ears this week! Play it loud! Original artwork: Peter Paul Rubens – The Fall of the Damned   Producer Snafu – Tom And Jerry’s Funeral [Chase Records]Ennnn – IndustrialSampleCoreGouchHarukaBeat [The Worst Label]Capslock… Read more →

Download these new and not so new releases

01. Jared Sagar – Flcnr [phq-art ] :: Download02. Les Neiges Noires De Laponie – Obsession [Entity] :: Download03. Datolar – Akkurate Apparate [Crazy Language] :: Download04. being – Overly Complicated 05. Oneirich – Moandag nucht’nd [The Kult of O] :: Download06. AG Davis – Roaming Network PG. Down Download07. Noirodyn – Pegasus Galaxy [Praxis] :: Download08. Ralax – Radius… Read more →

The Siren Waits Thee, Singing Song For Song

  Original artwork: Loki and the Rhinemaidens by Arthur Rackham   Jared Sagar – Flcnr [phq-art ]Les Neiges Noires De Laponie – Obsession [Entity]Datolar – Akkurate Apparate [Crazy Language]being – Overly Complicated Oneirich – Moandag nucht’nd [The Kult of O]AG Davis – Roaming Network PG. Down Noirodyn – Pegasus Galaxy [Praxis]Ralax – Radius of Sadness Lokom – 5ilent [Abstrakt Reflections… Read more →

To the light

Soothing IDM for your ears this week! Hope you enjoy Original artwork: Ernest Charles Wallcousins – The Mystic Exodus from Egypt   Ekaros – Vibrio Comma [Black Hoe]Snap-9A – IAN [Digital Garden Recordings]Alpturer – Keneda [Auto-Nine Recordings]Ralp – 0 [Abstrakt Reflections ]The Rain Kills Quietly – Another way to die [therainkillsquietly ]KRYTIKA – zet [Krytika]Datolar – Spacejunx [Abstrakt Reflections ]Ynoji… Read more →

Mors Omnibus!

I was immensly pissed off when I recorded this… Hence the title… Ambient, electronica and some rough hardcore for your ears :p Hope you enjoy and if you do please share/comment/favorite. Thank you! Sincere, a now less pissed off Oneirich Original artwork: Joakim Skovgaard – Christ in the Realm of the Dead (Detail)   Alien Vegan Sect – Soliloque [Nostalgie… Read more →

Horae Obscura LXXVI :: Venus ventus temerarus

A fresh episode! Hope you enjoy Original artwork: Edward S. Curtis – Aphrodite PS: I’m still looking for guest mixes for the upcoming Obscurum Noctis! Read all about it: http://www.come-early-leave-late.be/horaeobscura/?p=1609 PPS: Only one Oneirich bundle left! http://www.come-early-leave-late.be/horaeobscura/?p=1597 Nordvargr – Ayahuasca Aldebaran Axis [Nordvargr]IDVex – Snoiz (Noise the Ether John) [Black Death Industry]Eisenlager and IDTAL – Eavning of Another Day [eisenlager… Read more →

Peevish delight

Some nice electronica in this week’s episode. Hope you enjoy! PS: I’ve got a fresh releash on Wool-E tapes label, you can buy it via their bandcamp page:https://wool-e-tapes.bandcamp.com/album/wet029-s-nachts-c90 Or buy a bundle through my personal bandcamphttps://thekultofo.bandcamp.com/merch Original artwork: Romans in the Decadence of the Empire by Couture Thomas   Dark Frequencer – Lunar Patients [Petroglyph Music]Gas Masked Lestat – Tentacles… Read more →