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The old in-out

An episode about fucking! Hah who doesn’t like fucking ey. Must’ve been somewhat horny when I recorded this (that’s like every other second in my life lol) Not that the music touches on the subject or whatever… I’m just rambling, whatever! Just enjoy the music, and make more love ey! Original artwork: Giulio Romano – Jupiter and Olympia Ganjourn –… Read more →

I, Oneirich, did a set too

Oneirich is the curator of the Horae Obscura radioshow. https://www.facebook.com/Oneirichhttp://thekultofo.bandcamp.com/https://soundcloud.com/horae-obscura ∴ ∴ ∴ ∴ ∴ ∴ ∴ Obscurum Noctis is an on-line radio event hosted by Oneirich from the Horae Obscura Show. Website: http://www.horaeobscura.be/Tumblr: http://horaeobscura.tumblr.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/horaeobscuraFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/HoraeObscura ∴ ∴ ∴ ∴ ∴ ∴ ∴  Jenova ft Spindo – Machine (Cyberstruct Remix)Synaptic Memories – HexapodaBatashi – Nowhere To RunRobotiker – Giga… Read more →

Downloads :: Horae Obscura LXIV

01. Broken Mind – Regrets [Xernex] :: Download02. The Implicit Order – The Cruelest Month [The Implicit Order] :: Download03. VulpineSmile – the incredible edible egg (the vagina dialogues part 1) [vulpinesmile ] :: Download04. Onkunde – Ordination (Place The Sweet Defeat Beneath My Feet Part I) [Onkunde] :: Download05. Be the Hammer – Beast [bethehammer ] :: Download06. Another… Read more →


Links to the releases I played during my set for WFKU’s CHVRCH XV BRXK3N 7ANGVAG3 show! ONEIRICH – CXB7 RADIO #249 EMBRACE THE DARKNESS by Txtbk’s Cxb7 on Mixcloud 01. MISC – Hinzy (Parte 2) [M.I.S.T. Records] :: Download 02. Mutellat – Vale Of Tears [Section 27] :: Download 03. Logical Disorder – We Will Birth [Logical Disorder] :: Download… Read more →

Downloads :: Horae Obscura XLVIII

Links to the downloads of the releases I played! Some good stuff in it, leech them all and support the artists ♥ Horae Obscura XLVIII ? Tonitribusque by Horae Obscura on Mixcloud 01. eisenlager – Lumiere [Dhatura Records] :: Download 02. Ullapul – Ombre [Dhatura Records] :: Download 03. Skerror – Grey Waters [skerror ] :: Download 04. the mr… Read more →

Horae Obscura XLVIII ∴ Tonitribusque

The penultimate Horae Obscura before the summer stop! Tracks from the latest compilation on Dhatura Records & Splitterkor Rekords Dziwko and other interesting tunes for your ears! Don’t forget the Obscurum Noctis event on the 21th of June, I’ve started announcing the artists 🙂 will make a blogpost soon. Horae Obscura XLVIII ? Tonitribusque by Horae Obscura on Mixcloud (0:00:00)… Read more →

Downloads :: Horae Obscura XLVII

The weather is too good outside to ponder what to write so yeah, downloads, here: wo Horae Obscura XLVII ? Mors Mihi Lucrum by Horae Obscura on Mixcloud 01. Eddie Entropy – growth opportunities (version) [Dark Winter] :: Download 02. Phantasm Nocturnes – Cursed Catacombs [Black Death Industry] :: Download 03. Motorpig – Before Eden [Petroglyph Music] :: Download 04.… Read more →