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Striving towards the sun

I’ve enjoyed the sunny weather lately, so a more “sunny” episode, hope you enjoy!     Distant Worlds – Killing Fields [Deep Electronics Podcast]Rentip – Perfectly Preserved [Crime League]NEARFIELD – Depths Of Cosmos [M-Tronic]Ralax – Spiritual Poverty [Abstrakt Reflections ]Floating Spirits – 10.10 (Like The Rain) [Section 27]And Exile – The Day We Fought [CRL Studios]Monolith – Innergy [monolith23 ]Hypercube… Read more →

Viva Voce

Beautiful weather asks for a bit more lighthearted music, no? Hope you enjoy! Original artwork: gerald moira – the silent voice   Cathode Ray Tube – The Enlightened No [Component Recordings]Somatic Responses – Discovery [Photon Emissions]Dark Frequencer – Mental Clouds [Petroglyph Music]Beautytone – Sunset Tale [phq-art ]Sk’p – Unmute 2.2 [skiponline ]b cycle – inside outside [-NOT ON LABEL- §§§]Sistal… Read more →

Dark, hard and grim tunes

Dark, hard and grim tunes… Hope you enjoy, or don’t 🙂 Original artwork: Léon Comerre – Le Déluge   Ravcan & RMSS Systems Inc. – Old Doomsday Devices [Dark System]AXIS † NOIR † MORTOX – Corpse Of Identity [axisnoirmortox ]Marc Hurtado & Vomir – Saturne [Nostalgie de la Boue]Solar Skeletons – Avarus Et Prodicus [soliskanones ]Third I – Bezimena [1000harshnoisewall… Read more →

DEEDS… Not words

DEEDS… Not words Original artwork: –   Winjer3 – Beneath a Crushing Sky [Petroglyph Music]¬[d] – Axon [notd ]Solypsis – Fatal Error [Component Recordings]Ravcan – Counterclockwise Direction [ravcan ]Pleq – Chamber [Cowshed Records]Mathlovsky – In Ghosts [mathlovsky ]Anklebiter – Rando [Crime League]Beautytone – Sunset Tale [phq-art ]VORRS – BLACK SUN [Bedroom Research]Cathode Ray Tube – Dirty Little Dub [Component Recordings]Nick… Read more →

Well-being through harmony

Well-being through harmony… Original artwork: Circe by Wright Barker   Heidy Youko & Escaped Trees – Final Crack [Midnight Radio Compilation]DiZE7 – alias glass [Field Effect Records]Rave Angst – Constraints 3 [Photon Emissions]Akwalek – Vuur Aan Mijn Been, Ijs In Mijn Hart [Abstrakt Reflections (Bandcamp) §§§]Chris Russell – Anake [earthMANTRA]Monster X – Prison Earth [Abstrakt Reflections (Bandcamp) §§§]Beautytone – 66,56°… Read more →

The old in-out

An episode about fucking! Hah who doesn’t like fucking ey. Must’ve been somewhat horny when I recorded this (that’s like every other second in my life lol) Not that the music touches on the subject or whatever… I’m just rambling, whatever! Just enjoy the music, and make more love ey! Original artwork: Giulio Romano – Jupiter and Olympia Ganjourn –… Read more →

Equo Ne Credite

Damn I’m still exhausted from Maschinenfest! Had a blast! So yeah some laid back music this week, dark ambient and drones. Hope you enjoy! I’ll go back to my couch now 😀 This weekOriginal artwork: Théophile Schuler – The Chariot of Death Bram – The Room [Hortus Conclusus Records]Araphel – Maveth II [araphel ]Natal Mors – Trench Warfare [Morphic Field… Read more →