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U X O R Original artwork: La Parque – Auguste Leveque   Uzbazur345 – Erotik Dreams [Midnight Radio Compilation]Tapage – Sander [CRL Studios]Ralp – Synthetic [Abstrakt Reflections ]Balkansky – Gravity [Abstrakt Reflections ]The Rain Kills Quietly – Pale [therainkillsquietly ]Les Neiges Noires De Laponie – A Secret [archive org]Opine Ko$insky – Nutrition for the Masses (C Mantle Rmx) [Acre Recordings]Mon… Read more →

Viva Voce

Beautiful weather asks for a bit more lighthearted music, no? Hope you enjoy! Original artwork: gerald moira – the silent voice   Cathode Ray Tube – The Enlightened No [Component Recordings]Somatic Responses – Discovery [Photon Emissions]Dark Frequencer – Mental Clouds [Petroglyph Music]Beautytone – Sunset Tale [phq-art ]Sk’p – Unmute 2.2 [skiponline ]b cycle – inside outside [-NOT ON LABEL- §§§]Sistal… Read more →

This is the place where death delights in helping life

Breakcore, glitch, electronica, whatever! Dark shit! Hope you like. As always please share/comment/favourite if you like, always appreciated! Original artwork: Zdzislaw Beksinski   Celluloïd Mata – Zily Lip-eze [Ant-Zen]Lifecutter – Hypoxia [lifecutter ]Binray – Namebrand Gun [Entity]NoizyAzFuck – Erase [Marionette Records]Renoizer – Elements [Abstrakt Reflections ]Cathode Ray Tube – Unusual Symmetry(Solypsis Remix) [Component Recordings]Mutellat – Vale Of Tears [Section 27]MTCH… Read more →

Sweeter after difficulties

01. TEXTBEAK – THVLVSSOMV ft Jason Adams & JJ Flux [-NOT ON LABEL- §§§] :: Download02. Aynth – endlosschleifen [Her Blood in My Veins] :: Download03. MAHR – Shadows to Whispers [-NOT ON LABEL- §§§] :: Download04. SEIROM – The Black Earth Spread White With Rye [gnawtheirtongues ] :: Download05. 2Ǿ9 §‡И§ – BɇYǾИD †HɆ BⱠΔCⓀ ℞▲ⅈNBǾW [Night Terror Recordings]… Read more →

Dark, hard and grim tunes

Dark, hard and grim tunes… Hope you enjoy, or don’t 🙂 Original artwork: Léon Comerre – Le Déluge   Ravcan & RMSS Systems Inc. – Old Doomsday Devices [Dark System]AXIS † NOIR † MORTOX – Corpse Of Identity [axisnoirmortox ]Marc Hurtado & Vomir – Saturne [Nostalgie de la Boue]Solar Skeletons – Avarus Et Prodicus [soliskanones ]Third I – Bezimena [1000harshnoisewall… Read more →

DEEDS… Not words

DEEDS… Not words Original artwork: –   Winjer3 – Beneath a Crushing Sky [Petroglyph Music]¬[d] – Axon [notd ]Solypsis – Fatal Error [Component Recordings]Ravcan – Counterclockwise Direction [ravcan ]Pleq – Chamber [Cowshed Records]Mathlovsky – In Ghosts [mathlovsky ]Anklebiter – Rando [Crime League]Beautytone – Sunset Tale [phq-art ]VORRS – BLACK SUN [Bedroom Research]Cathode Ray Tube – Dirty Little Dub [Component Recordings]Nick… Read more →

Well-being through harmony

Well-being through harmony… Original artwork: Circe by Wright Barker   Heidy Youko & Escaped Trees – Final Crack [Midnight Radio Compilation]DiZE7 – alias glass [Field Effect Records]Rave Angst – Constraints 3 [Photon Emissions]Akwalek – Vuur Aan Mijn Been, Ijs In Mijn Hart [Abstrakt Reflections (Bandcamp) §§§]Chris Russell – Anake [earthMANTRA]Monster X – Prison Earth [Abstrakt Reflections (Bandcamp) §§§]Beautytone – 66,56°… Read more →

Download tracks I played on Villa Bota radio

01. Ashen Tone – Whispering Fear [ashentone ] :: Download02. Jack Hertz – Isabela, Galápagos [Aural Films] :: Download03. Cathode Ray Tube – Music For Storms [Component Recordings] :: Download04. Bunk Data – Screen Overlay [Chase Records] :: Download05. stefan schmidt – salamander 3 [musicforoverexposedcelluloid ] :: Download06. Benjamin Aït – Ali – Miniature II [benjaminaitali ] :: Download07. Abre… Read more →

Pater familias

I’m back! Winter hibernation is over yet. I’ll let the music speak this week, hope you enjoy. If you do please leave comment/favorite/share thank you very much. Original artwork: Rembrandt van Rijn – The Return of the Prodigal Son   Ashen Tone – Whispering Fear [ashentone ]Jack Hertz – Isabela, Galápagos [Aural Films]Cathode Ray Tube – Music For Storms [Component… Read more →