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The appearances of things are deceptive, aren’t they?

The appearances of things are deceptive, aren’t they? Original artwork: Giambattista Piazzetta – Portrait of a Young Woman in Profile with a Mask in her Right Hand     Rainier Lericolais – Side A [Nostalgie de la Boue]EISENLAGER – Himmelholzsteg 15 [Emerge]Alien Vegan Sect – The Vinyl Probe [Nostalgie de la Boue]The Implicit Order – Come Up The Years [Classwar… Read more →

The old in-out

An episode about fucking! Hah who doesn’t like fucking ey. Must’ve been somewhat horny when I recorded this (that’s like every other second in my life lol) Not that the music touches on the subject or whatever… I’m just rambling, whatever! Just enjoy the music, and make more love ey! Original artwork: Giulio Romano – Jupiter and Olympia Ganjourn –… Read more →

After death

Original artwork: Jean Louis André Théodore Géricault – Head of a Guillotined Man Snowbeasts – Strange Footprints (Oneirich Remix) [Component Recordings]Tyhjiø – Save The Planet, Eat More Humans [Schallschatten Records]Econocon – Survivors [Nordvargr]Five Star Hotel – 8FISH [Five Star Hotel]Monological Terrorist – To The Slaughterhouse [Schallschatten Records]EISENLAGER – Aus Klang [Midnight Radio Compilation]maduro – Wraiths [maduro ]Super Mountain Bike Brothers… Read more →

Mindful of things done, aware of things to come…

So I had this shit load of, excusezmoipourlemot, avant-gardesque music laying around… I thought it was time to do something with it! Jazzy, avant-garde, whatever you want to call it, this episode is a melting pot of stuff I would normally not play. So I hope you enjoy this unusual episode and if you do please comment/share/favourite, you always make… Read more →

Horae Obscura L :: Downloads

New radio season, new download links 🙂 Download the releases that left the biggest impression on my ears during the 2014-2015 season:   Horae Obscura L ? Best of MMXIV and MMXV by Horae Obscura on Mixcloud   01. Lykanthea x Savage Sister – Glass Orchids [Artist Bandcamp] :: Download02. I†† – ?ir†y [Pale Noir] :: Download03. MAHR – Traces… Read more →

Downloads :: Horae Obscura XLVI

Links to the releases I played in the latest episode! Horae Obscura XLVI ? Disce Aut Discede by Horae Obscura on Mixcloud 01. +Dult+ – +WitcH+ [dult ] :: Download 02. ¬[d] – Colleoptera [Entity] :: Download 03. Aegri Somnia – Structures of Darkness [Dark Winter] :: Download 04. Cathode Ray Tube – Dirty Little Dub [Component Recordings] :: Download… Read more →