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Download tracks I played on Villa Bota radio

01. Ashen Tone – Whispering Fear [ashentone ] :: Download02. Jack Hertz – Isabela, Galápagos [Aural Films] :: Download03. Cathode Ray Tube – Music For Storms [Component Recordings] :: Download04. Bunk Data – Screen Overlay [Chase Records] :: Download05. stefan schmidt – salamander 3 [musicforoverexposedcelluloid ] :: Download06. Benjamin Aït – Ali – Miniature II [benjaminaitali ] :: Download07. Abre… Read more →

Pater familias

I’m back! Winter hibernation is over yet. I’ll let the music speak this week, hope you enjoy. If you do please leave comment/favorite/share thank you very much. Original artwork: Rembrandt van Rijn – The Return of the Prodigal Son   Ashen Tone – Whispering Fear [ashentone ]Jack Hertz – Isabela, Galápagos [Aural Films]Cathode Ray Tube – Music For Storms [Component… Read more →

Mors Omnibus!

I was immensly pissed off when I recorded this… Hence the title… Ambient, electronica and some rough hardcore for your ears :p Hope you enjoy and if you do please share/comment/favorite. Thank you! Sincere, a now less pissed off Oneirich Original artwork: Joakim Skovgaard – Christ in the Realm of the Dead (Detail)   Alien Vegan Sect – Soliloque [Nostalgie… Read more →

I hate and I love. And why? I don’t know… but I feel, and I’m tormented

“I hate and love. And why, perhaps you’ll ask. I don’t know: but I feel, and I’m tormented” A quote by the Roman Poet Catullus. You’ve already guessed this week’s theme don’t you? 🙂 An episode to celebrate the good and the bad sides of love and hate. Lots of artists I haven’t featured yet! Some submitted their work to… Read more →

Downloads :: Horae Obscura LXI

01. DARMSTADT 1313 – primaire Tsetse C [Cyanur Prod] :: Download02. Cousin Silas – The Reptile Enclosure [Aural Films] :: Download03. MAHR – Bewteen The Breath [Petroglyph Music] :: Download04. Oneirich – Aemulatio [Petroglyph Music] :: Download05. Akoustik Timbre Frekuency – From Beyond [Ghost Box Radio] :: Download06. Apollyon’s Visage – Shallow Grave [apollyons-visage ] :: Download07. Sylphides? & Christopher… Read more →

Horae Obscura LXI ∴ Aut viam inveniam aut faciam

  Now my winter hibernation is officially over! Time to kick things in high gears! First genuine episode of 2016 filled with dark soundscapes for your ears. Hope you enjoy and if you do please leave a comment or share this episode, highly appreciated! GreetingsOneirich Original artwork: Alfred Sisley’s Lane near a Small Town   DARMSTADT 1313 – primaire Tsetse… Read more →