This is the place where death delights in helping life

Breakcore, glitch, electronica, whatever! Dark shit! Hope you like.

As always please share/comment/favourite if you like, always appreciated!

Original artwork: Zdzislaw Beksinski


Celluloïd Mata – Zily Lip-eze [Ant-Zen]
Lifecutter – Hypoxia [lifecutter ]
Binray – Namebrand Gun [Entity]
NoizyAzFuck – Erase [Marionette Records]
Renoizer – Elements [Abstrakt Reflections ]
Cathode Ray Tube – Unusual Symmetry(Solypsis Remix) [Component Recordings]
Mutellat – Vale Of Tears [Section 27]
MTCH – Na Crom [Section 27]
Skerror – A.L.U.M.N.I.C.E [skerror ]
Kaschade – Graffiti Punk [Kaschade]
Satanoid – Machines [archive org]
Neocoretex – Ye-A 2451 Yamantaka Puja [Legs Akimbo Records]



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