Pater familias

I’m back! Winter hibernation is over yet.

I’ll let the music speak this week, hope you enjoy.

If you do please leave comment/favorite/share thank you very much.

Original artwork: Rembrandt van Rijn – The Return of the Prodigal Son


Ashen Tone – Whispering Fear [ashentone ]
Jack Hertz – Isabela, Galápagos [Aural Films]
Cathode Ray Tube – Music For Storms [Component Recordings]
Bunk Data – Screen Overlay [Chase Records]
stefan schmidt – salamander 3 [musicforoverexposedcelluloid ]
Benjamin Aït – Ali – Miniature II [benjaminaitali ]
Abre Ojos – Eosphoros [abre-ojos ]
Araphel & Signore Serpente – Signore Serpente –  בעל זבוב [araphel ]
Øystein Jørgensen – The Triangle [We Are Invisible Now]
M.NOMIZED – In Cage (Thoracic Mutation N-¦3) [digitalDIZZY]



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    Thanks for sharing Ashen Tone with your audience! Just wanted to let you know that Ashen Tone is with the label, MMI Studios (

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    PS… The comment text is styled as white text on a white background… Might want to fix that 😉

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    oops will have to fix asap 🙂 thx!

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