The auditory chef suggests

01. Limbus Sublim – Limbus [soliskanones ] :: Download02. Le Moderniste – Controlling My Subconscious [Hands] :: Download03. Abre Ojos – Rule of the Mountain [abre-ojos ] :: Download04. Skadi – Significance [skadi-music ] :: Download05. Mershak – Briefing [Dark Industry] :: Download06. Nordvargr – Dream 1: POAC I [Nordvargr] :: Download07. DE·TA·US·TO·AS – Rotting faith we gathered [detaustoas ]… Read more →

Death rather than dishonour

Death rather than dishonour… Dark ambient and death industrial for your dark haunted souls and ears! Hope you enjoy if you do please comment/share/favorite! Thanks! Original artwork: Alphonse Mucha – Death of saint adalbert   Limbus Sublim – Limbus [soliskanones ]Le Moderniste – Controlling My Subconscious [Hands]Abre Ojos – Rule of the Mountain [abre-ojos ]Skadi – Significance [skadi-music ]Mershak –… Read more →

This week’s musical menu

01. Celluloïd Mata – Zily Lip-eze [Ant-Zen] :: Download02. Lifecutter – Hypoxia [lifecutter ] :: Download03. Binray – Namebrand Gun [Entity] :: Download04. NoizyAzFuck – Erase [Marionette Records] :: Download05. Renoizer – Elements [Abstrakt Reflections ] :: Download06. Cathode Ray Tube – Unusual Symmetry(Solypsis Remix) [Component Recordings] :: Download07. Mutellat – Vale Of Tears [Section 27] :: Download08. MTCH –… Read more →

This is the place where death delights in helping life

Breakcore, glitch, electronica, whatever! Dark shit! Hope you like. As always please share/comment/favourite if you like, always appreciated! Original artwork: Zdzislaw Beksinski   Celluloïd Mata – Zily Lip-eze [Ant-Zen]Lifecutter – Hypoxia [lifecutter ]Binray – Namebrand Gun [Entity]NoizyAzFuck – Erase [Marionette Records]Renoizer – Elements [Abstrakt Reflections ]Cathode Ray Tube – Unusual Symmetry(Solypsis Remix) [Component Recordings]Mutellat – Vale Of Tears [Section 27]MTCH… Read more →

Infuriate your neighbors with this weeks download suggestions

01. Producer Snafu – Tom And Jerry’s Funeral [Chase Records] :: Download02. Ennnn – IndustrialSampleCoreGouchHarukaBeat [The Worst Label] :: Download03. Capslock – Amniocentesis [United Elements Of Hate] :: Download04. Doormouse – Abelcain-Faust (Doormouse Fausmaus Remix) [Doormouse] :: Download05. Mathlovsky – Hypersexual [mathlovsky ] :: Download06. ZandoZ Corp. – Organismus Palhaçus [ZandoZ Corp.] :: Download07. Somatic Responses – Thrash and Disappear… Read more →

Drop down ye heavens

Drop down ye heavens, i had named this one and see… it’s pouring! Should’ve called it let it be sunny lol Enough bullshit, got some breakcore for your ears this week! Play it loud! Original artwork: Peter Paul Rubens – The Fall of the Damned   Producer Snafu – Tom And Jerry’s Funeral [Chase Records]Ennnn – IndustrialSampleCoreGouchHarukaBeat [The Worst Label]Capslock… Read more →

This week’s downloads!

Played over three hours on Villa Bota radio this week so I got a shitload of download links for you! Support the artists! Buy their music! Thank you: 01. Barchan – Soliton (Intro) [Merchants of Air] :: Download02. Le Crabe – Erreur 69 [Le Crabe] :: Download03. Big Brother on Acid – Saturn [Alrealon Musique] :: Download04. Kurushimi – Onmoraki… Read more →

Horae Obscura Additicius IX

Death industrial or power electronics or whatever. Dark noisy stuff with screaming agony that’s what I serve in this one. Hope you enjoy. Trepaneringsritualen – The Seventh Man [Cold Spring]Code Neda – Death of a Poet [Midnight Radio Compilation]Auditor – Flea on a dead dog [The Auditor]Control – Silence Creates It’s Own Violence [Ant-Zen]In Slaughter Natives – Filth Still Among… Read more →

Horae Obscura Additicius VIII

It’s Villa Bota radio’s birthday weekender. Everyone did an extra show, here’s my first hour! Second hour will follow asap. Original artwork: –   Babe Rainbow – Popcommon (Original Mix) [Warp Records]Skerror – Blud Djinn [skerror ]Swarm Inteligence – Chasing Shadows [archive org]Ansome – Back Alley Sally [Perc Trax]Kuvera B – Nith-Haiah (Bombardier Rmx) [Cowshed Records]Oyaarss – O Horizon [Ad… Read more →

All that Jazz!

Something else for a change! Jazzy and not so Jazzy music topped with that Dark Horae Obscura sauce y’all like! Hope you enjoy. If you do please leave a comment, share the link or just favorite! All greatly appreciated. Original artwork: –   Barchan – Soliton (Intro) [Merchants of Air]Le Crabe – Erreur 69 [Le Crabe]Big Brother on Acid –… Read more →