Oneirich ∴ Obscurum Noctis 6 ∴ Breakcore

Oneirich - Dies Natalis - 05 - Breakcore

Breakcore was quite big in Belgium previous decade. I was blown away by that sound, the beats of hardcore and the breaks of jungle, great mixture.

Some old tunes and some new tunes in this mix, that Doormouse – Morningstar track still does it for me, instant adrenaline!

Obscurum Noctis 6 :: Oneirich – Breakcore Mix by Horae Obscura on Mixcloud

The Open Consortium – Ennui
Nano.strike – Cyberborn
Somatic Responses – New Flesh Metal Skin
Gas Masked Lestat – It Took Some Days To Reborn
C Mantle – Shrouder
Speak Onion – Makes Breathing Difficult, Stupid, Wet
Capslock – The Emperor Of Low Tech
Hyena – Drawing Energies From Chtonian Sources
Black Draig – Spider Monkey
Arkon – Devouring Of The Insects
Nano.strike – Trashfactory
Doormouse – Warleg
Venetian Snares – All the Children Are Dead
ZandoZ Corp. – The Permanent Atom (Was Braincell)
Gas Masked Lestat – Survival
Noizy As Fuck – Six
Doormouse – Morningstar
Kik itadaki – Chaotic State
Akani vs Dr. Kontra – Not Virgin Maria
Dr Mathlovsky – Stilbrvch (Shiteknob remix)



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