Mors Omnibus!

I was immensly pissed off when I recorded this… Hence the title…

Ambient, electronica and some rough hardcore for your ears :p

Hope you enjoy and if you do please share/comment/favorite. Thank you!

Sincere, a now less pissed off Oneirich

Original artwork: Joakim Skovgaard – Christ in the Realm of the Dead (Detail)


Alien Vegan Sect – Soliloque [Nostalgie de la Boue]
DR – 10 [drmusic ]
Morgo_theMonkeyGod – UDON (Ready in just 3 minutes) [Welsh Modular Alliance]
Monster X – Prince of Captagon [Abstrakt Reflections ]
Sans-Fin – Aspirer [Raumklang Music]
maduro – Still Bleeds [maduro ]
Dj Dmøncøre – A Dream Within A Dream (interlude) [DJ DmønCøre]
Naughty Saw & Vojenská Nemocnice – Gefühl Und Verstand [naughtysaw ]
Kevin Lyons – The Nocebo Effect [We Are All Ghosts]
Somatic Responses – Dead Machine Rising [Viral Conspiracy Records]
Noirodyn – Brainwashed TV Victims (Wake Up!) [Praxis]
Leithal – Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 [Aural Films]
disastrato – Criiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit (Glacier de Galas) [Entity]
Annwn – First Contact [Anti Narcose Records]
Winjer3 – An Unwilling Realization [Petroglyph Music]



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