Horae Obscura XL ∴ Sol lucet omnibus

A sneak peek at Somatic Responses their upcoming ambient album!

Some great tracks from the latest Abstrakt Reflections release. Tracks by Nordvargr, Iszoloscope and other interesting artists!

Yes a fresh Horae Obscura for your ears 🙂

Horae Obscura XL ? Sol Lucet Omnibus by Horae Obscura on Mixcloud

(0:00:00) Somatic Responses – Deadmen’s Institute [Photon Emissions]
(0:03:50) Partiklar – Tachyon paradox [Nordvargr]
(0:10:40) Huron – Racon [Crazy Language]
(0:14:38) nordvargr – Rektal B [Nordvargr]
(0:18:00) Solypsis – The Man Behind the Sun (Snowbeasts Remix) [Component Recordings]
(0:22:30) 6siss – speaking clocks [Abstrakt Reflections (blog)]
(0:27:00) Stormfield – Inner Silence Outer Violence [Combat Recordings]
(0:31:45) nordvargr – The Klein surface [Nordvargr]
(0:35:40) Iszoloscope – something wicked this way comes [Iszoloscope]
(0:41:15) 6siss – accounts of the glass sky [Abstrakt Reflections (blog)]
(0:45:20) glo Р̦de [Gloneiric]
(0:46:20) Wholy Failure – Empty Chair [Wholy Failure]
(0:30:45) Somatic Responses – Newfleshmetalskin (ambmix) [Photon Emissions]



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