Horae Obscura L :: Best of MMXIV & MMXV

The first episode of the new season! A reflection of the previous one 🙂 here are the tracks that left the biggest impression on my ears and soul…

Hope you enjoy and if you do please share 🙂


Horae Obscura L ? Best of MMXIV and MMXV by Horae Obscura on Mixcloud


Lykanthea x Savage Sister – Glass Orchids [Artist Bandcamp]
I†† – ∂ir†y [Pale Noir]
MAHR – Traces of her Descent [Artist Bandcamp]
The Implicit Order – Goodbye Forest [The Implicit Order]
Aderlating – Gaze Of The Immortal Serpent [Wounds of the Earth]
Bruxism – Dreaming of Deaf in the Afterlife [Classwar Karaoke]
The Vomit Arsonist – Upon The Floor [Wounds of the Earth]
‡ blackstag’s-lament ‡ – – The Horn of the Goat [Uncertain]
Broken Mind – Abandoned [Xernex]
SiJ & Neuronal Chip – Another Day [Main Title Theme] [GV Sound]
Undogmatic – Ominous Intent (with Vitality) [Artist Bandcamp]
Data Snow – Phase 5 [Artist Bandcamp]
It Only Gets Worse – Indian Summer [Artist Bandcamp]
Kataclismika – The Siren [Artist Bandcamp]
GRYPT – PUSH IT (N9neteen7teen Remix) [Grypt]
Aynth – tnaesh [Artist Bandcamp]



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