Drop down ye heavens

Drop down ye heavens, i had named this one and see… it’s pouring!

Should’ve called it let it be sunny lol

Enough bullshit, got some breakcore for your ears this week! Play it loud!

Original artwork: Peter Paul Rubens – The Fall of the Damned


Producer Snafu – Tom And Jerry’s Funeral [Chase Records]
Ennnn – IndustrialSampleCoreGouchHarukaBeat [The Worst Label]
Capslock – Amniocentesis [United Elements Of Hate]
Doormouse – Abelcain-Faust (Doormouse Fausmaus Remix) [Doormouse]
Mathlovsky – Hypersexual [mathlovsky ]
ZandoZ Corp. – Organismus Palhaçus [ZandoZ Corp.]
Somatic Responses – Thrash and Disappear [Photon Emissions]
Zeuge – Let me see this done by you [Abstrakt Reflections ]
Gas Masked Lestat – Enemy Attacks Enemy [gasmaskedlestat ]
Les Neiges Noires De Laponie – Might [Entity]
Pink Abduction Ray – Distant (Abstractify) [pinkabductionray ]
The Rain Kills Quietly – Fallen [therainkillsquietly ]
Indian Junglist – Smells like Chicken [Crach Records]



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