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Splintersessie last Sunday

Sunday was the day, after collecting Easter eggs at home, at my parents house and with the in-laws it was finally time to go to Bruges centre for my second Oneirich gig. We were on time, helped a bit around, had a chat with the other artists. People were already in the room when we did a sound-check, the pa… Read more →

The (temporary) End is Nigh!

Three more shows and it’s time for my summer break! No weekly shows but I’ll be doing a guest mix for another show in July and if all goes well I’ll be doing an Obscurum Noctis in August too… A narcissistic edition, to celebrate my birthday, with only mixes by me 😛 hah! But this time not via Villa Bota… Read more →

You probably missed this :)

The very first newsletter! Where I announced the acts for the upcoming Obscurum Noctis and more! I’d advise you to subscribe cause next month I’ll have a freebie for ya 🙂   Welcome to the very first Horae Obscura newsletter… My best wishes for the new year and thank you for subscribing! If you didn’t subscribe you probably downloaded my… Read more →

Maschinenfest 2k14 repo day 3

Day 1 ∴ Day 2 ∴ Day 3 Al right Day three! The hardest day, not musically but physically 😀 We arrived round 1500 and did some last shopping at the merch stands, bought a cool Maschinenfest T for my son 🙂 and some albums too… First act was Moogulator, again nice electronica with a psychedelic twist now and then….… Read more →