About seeing, hearing and being silent

This weeks title is Audi, Vide, Tace or hear, see and be silent. Sometimes the sentence also has “Si tu vis vivere in pace” in it. Which means “if you want to live in peace”. Good advice imho…

Hope you enjoy this weeks episode, tracks from Component Recs, Aural Films, Synth-me label, Plataforma and more. Enjoy the music, your life and be the best you can be, the world needs it!

Original artwork: Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer – Silence

Christopher alvarado – Copper Eyed Effigy [Aural Films]
Hypercube – Inner Clock [hypercube-audio ]
Beautytone – Giants [phq-art ]
Vile flesh – Dom In’Ation [synth-me-label ]
Fractured transmission – The Unknown [deathcampaudio ]
Vile flesh – Dis Solution [synth-me-label ]
Snowbeasts – Crash (Vomit Arsonist Mix) [Component Recordings]
Frailow – Pure Concatenation [frailow ]
Naughty saw & vojenská nemocnice – Ich Tat Ich Tue [naughtysaw ]
Zenial – Pobrz Ash [Laverna]
Kanopic Descent – Satalie [dimentia ]
The implicit order – Green Hills Of Magic [The Implicit Order]
Unhewn – Verme [Plataforma]



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