Month: November 2016

To the light

Soothing IDM for your ears this week! Hope you enjoy Original artwork: Ernest Charles Wallcousins – The Mystic Exodus from Egypt   Ekaros – Vibrio Comma [Black Hoe]Snap-9A – IAN [Digital Garden Recordings]Alpturer – Keneda [Auto-Nine Recordings]Ralp – 0 [Abstrakt Reflections ]The Rain Kills Quietly – Another way to die [therainkillsquietly ]KRYTIKA – zet [Krytika]Datolar – Spacejunx [Abstrakt Reflections ]Ynoji… Read more →

Buy/download the releases I played in this weeks episode!

01. Bête Lumineuse – Possession Hypnotique [betelumineuse ] :: Download02. Black Marine & Deadlights – Troika [blackmarine ] :: Download03. Pfp – Imagination [Artskorps] :: Download04. Krzeski – Childkiller [Splatterkore] :: Download05. Alexander Kopeikin – Reaping Time Has Come [clcx ] :: Download06. After [Life] – Twisted and Distorted [afterlifehu ] :: Download07. Paul Healy – Destroyed [Welsh Modular Alliance]… Read more →

Links to the releases I played during my latest Trip- & Hip-Hop mix

01. Edouard Trolliet – The Grey 2 [Edouard Trolliet] :: Download02. Moodie Black – NO BLOOD (feat. Ceschi) [Fake Four] :: Download03. Opine Ko$insky – Nutrition for the Masses [Acre Recordings] :: Download04. Bizarre feat King Gordy – Justin Bieber (?P?LLY?N’S ?IS?GE Screw) [apollyons-visage ] :: Download05. Lucidstatic – Agent Of Chaos (ft Sumibraxis of Toothgnasher) [Lucidstatic] :: Download06. Le… Read more →

Between hope and fear

Between hope and fear… One hour of dark, dark, dark ambient. Listen in darkness with candlelight and a dosage of poison of your liking. If you enjoyed this (then there’s something wrong with you according to some lol) please share/favorite/comment, thanks you! Original artwork: Ambroise Frédeau – The Blessed Guillaume de Toulouse   Bête Lumineuse – Possession Hypnotique [betelumineuse ]Black… Read more →

Download the releases I played in the Mors Omnibus episode

01. Alien Vegan Sect – Soliloque [Nostalgie de la Boue] :: Download02. DR – 10 [drmusic ] :: Download03. Morgo_theMonkeyGod – UDON (Ready in just 3 minutes) [Welsh Modular Alliance] :: Download04. Monster X – Prince of Captagon [Abstrakt Reflections ] :: Download05. Sans-Fin – Aspirer [Raumklang Music] :: Download06. maduro – Still Bleeds [maduro ] :: Download07. Dj Dmøncøre… Read more →

Mors Omnibus!

I was immensly pissed off when I recorded this… Hence the title… Ambient, electronica and some rough hardcore for your ears :p Hope you enjoy and if you do please share/comment/favorite. Thank you! Sincere, a now less pissed off Oneirich Original artwork: Joakim Skovgaard – Christ in the Realm of the Dead (Detail)   Alien Vegan Sect – Soliloque [Nostalgie… Read more →