Month: May 2016

Horae Obscura LXXVI :: Venus ventus temerarus

A fresh episode! Hope you enjoy Original artwork: Edward S. Curtis – Aphrodite PS: I’m still looking for guest mixes for the upcoming Obscurum Noctis! Read all about it: PPS: Only one Oneirich bundle left! Nordvargr – Ayahuasca Aldebaran Axis [Nordvargr]IDVex – Snoiz (Noise the Ether John) [Black Death Industry]Eisenlager and IDTAL – Eavning of Another Day [eisenlager… Read more →

Horae Obscura Wants Your Darkness

Summer solstice is coming! Time for another edition of the Obscurum Noctis event! And again I’m doing a shout out to get some new guests! Do you play dark, haunting, creepy, eerie music? Genre’s don’t really matter ambient, industrial, electronica, jungle, hardcore, breakcore, rhythmic noise I like it all! I”m looking for sets of minimum 1 hour long. If you… Read more →

Peevish delight

Some nice electronica in this week’s episode. Hope you enjoy! PS: I’ve got a fresh releash on Wool-E tapes label, you can buy it via their bandcamp page: Or buy a bundle through my personal bandcamp Original artwork: Romans in the Decadence of the Empire by Couture Thomas   Dark Frequencer – Lunar Patients [Petroglyph Music]Gas Masked Lestat – Tentacles… Read more →

Buy the darkness

Yesterday Wool-e tapes released my “s Nachts” (At Night) tape during an event at Logos Foundation. I’m selling some copies together with my previous “Broken” album. With this bundle you can have an auditory trip through my soundscapes ranging from ambient, noise (‘s Nachts tape) to dark and gloomy electronica (Broken) Read more →

The sensation of orgasm as likened to death

“La Petite Mort”  is an expression which means “the brief loss or weakening of consciousness” and in modern usage refers specifically to “the sensation of orgasm as likened to death”. Those Frenchies sure have a morbid view on seks. But here we have a morbid view on music too. Some great dark ambient tunes in this weeks episode, think you’ll… Read more →