Month: August 2015

Oneirich ∴ Obscurum Noctis 6 ∴ Rhythmic Noise

Third mix a bit rougher then the dubstep mix. More Rhythmic noise oriented this one. Got bitten with the rhythmic noise bug after visiting Maschinenfest 🙂 Obscurum Noctis 6 :: Oneirich – Rhythmic Noise Mix by Horae Obscura on Mixcloud SiJ – Crystal Oscillator (Remix by Deception Cost)Cubic Nomad – MCPSonar – plexi catPhasenmensch – KampfgeistYura Yura – JägerinnenDimenia –… Read more →

Oneirich ∴ Obscurum Noctis 6 ∴ Dubstep Mix

Second mix for the Dies Natalis edition of the Obscurum Noctis event. This time “dubstep” with a dark atmosphere. Obscurum Noctis 6 :: Oneirich – Dubstep Mix by Horae Obscura on Mixcloud Acnode – PhotogaugeSavier – Alright MoldiesRain – CarionStruchni – DarkeningScorn – guggled part 2Swarm Intelligence – The Sinners Lie in the ForestThe Other Side – A Reason To… Read more →

Obscurum Noctis 6 next week!

Next week it’s my birthday, the most important day of the year :p I’m not the only one who thinks that by the way the LaVeyans agree big time 😉 But enough about that you’re here for the music aren’t you 😉 Anyway I want you to join the celebrations so I’ve set up an extra Obscurum Noctis, the Dies… Read more →