Month: April 2014

Horae Obscura XII :: Spero Meliora

Another episode in the Horae Obscura series! Tracks from one of the latest Component Records release, the Ragnarök Compilation of Radio Body Music, Tapage’s latest release and a lot of other ear candy! verosound – bosque rojo cathode ray tube –  thug hatchery tapage – copepod ed devane –  predicament another neglected hobby –  gordy hates to fly ventolyn &… Read more →

Horae Obscura XI :: Non Serviam

The latest episode in the Horae Obscura series! Some tracks from the latest Acre Recordings compilation. From the latest album on Abstrakt Reflections label and some other tracks like from our own Belgian Entity Records. Hope you enjoy! Aynth – Deceiver Swarm Intelligence – Bluepop Ravcan – Stalker’s Way ΔAIMON – emptiness (Nightmare Remix by MAHR) Static Logic –  Terminal… Read more →

Horae Obscura X :: Non qui parum habet, sed qui plus cupit, pauper est

The Implicit Order – Holy Holy Holy HɅSHMɅLVM – PIT OF BONES Cadlag – Eucyrtidium Anomalum Tale Twist – Wheels Of Funk Okk▼l† K▲†† – Resurrection Of The Wi†chez Bombardier –  Hidden Razor Pattern Behavior – December Øystein Jørgensen – Hostile Waters SiJ – Dead Sea Mental D-struction – Disturbed Distressed Distorted ZandoZ Corp. – The Forests Cannot Be Called… Read more →