Month: March 2014

Horae Obscura IX :: In Pace Requiescat

Ilir Lluka – Looking Apollyon’s Visage – Devorabit Hashmalvm – The Lazarus Device Raffet – Demon Portland – Screetch Mariners Somatic Responses – Split Mike Dred – WHAT THE CLUCK Nikka – Influenza Mutation (Logical Disorder Remix) Filip Szyszkowski – I Field Of Honour – Fading Shores Acnode – Lost detail of sound code Stream: Download: Read more →

Horae Obscura VIII :: Laudator temporis acti

Spectrical – Circling Shadows I†† –  Goetic Terra Eternity Is Now – Sorrow’s Path Ronny Ragtroll –  Smart Disable For All (Erratic Remix) Wirewound –  Backscattering Waves Lothus – 5ntr6 (C0ma Remix) Aske – Owls Flint Kids – Congealed Christian Fiesel – Destroyer Of Worlds Blakbody –  Sindrome (C Mantle Remix) Hyena – Drawing Energies From Chtonian Sources Somatic Responses… Read more →